Pam Stoutenburg, RN, Certified Diabetes Educator

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"I chose Hudson Physicians because of the great community of physicians and supporting staff. I appreciate their excellence in their field as well as wonderful patient care."

Pam chose to be a Certified Diabetes Educator/RN because she always had an interest in nutrition and health. As a mother of two, Pam handles various tasks on a daily basis, and she knew her skills as a mother were highly transferable to the nursing and education field.

Pam specializes in diabetes and healthy eating. Her strengths lie in listening and creating a custom plan for her clients and meeting them on whatever path they are on.

Quilting is a hobby that Pam enjoys, which stitches together art, patience, and math. She also uses these skills in her vocation to educate people on diabetes and healthy eating.

As a certified diabetes educator and registered nurse, Pam knows the importance of wellness. She enjoys walking, reading and spending time with family.

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