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Hudson Physicians has telemedicine visits for your convenience. We currently have availability. If you’re experiencing flu-like symptoms, fever, cough, or difficulty breathing. We can counsel on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) via Telemedicine.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Update Podcast: 2.19.2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Update: 3.5.2021

COVID-19 Vaccine Update: 3.26.2021

January 18, 2021

Hudson Physician's CEO Matt Brandt discusses the latest vaccine distribution updates, differences between vaccines, and other common questions regarding COVID-19.

February was a tough month for COVID vaccine as we only received 225 first doses for the entire month. However, the good news is the vaccine supply is increasing and we have been given notice that we will be allocated more over the coming weeks and ramping up into April. Just over 80% of our patients age 75+ have either received a vaccine through us our another local health provider, pharmacy or public health.
In the upcoming weeks we will be calling our patients over the age of 65 to schedule appointments. Given current supply estimates we expect this will take us 6-8 weeks through the end of April to complete. Vaccinations will continue for any 75+ year old patients we have not reached as well as any remaining health care workers.  The State also has set aside an allocation of doses for educators and we are coordinating with St. Croix public health regarding vaccination efforts for this group.  If you are an educator please work through your employer to learn about  options available to you.
We are calling each of our patients to offer the vaccine, the good news is many have been able to get the vaccine elsewhere which is great, just let us know that and we will record it in the chart and move onto others.  As most are aware the supply issues have created uneven distribution of vaccine so if you can find it elsewhere please do so.  If we know of any opportunities to get the vaccine through another site in the area we will make sure to pass that information along. 
How you can help!
  1. We will be calling you so no need to call us.  We will be reaching out to patients to schedule their vaccine appointment.  This helps us keep the phone lines free for patients in need of other healthcare services.
  2. Vaccines are by appointment only,  at this time we cannot accommodate walk-ins we have a tight supply and timeline to manage for giving second shots.

To our Pierce County patients over the age of 65.
Pierce County has 300 vaccine appointments available next week for residents over 65 years old.

Appointments are posted Monday morning at 8:30am via online ( or phone 844-684-1064.

Over March, our supply of vaccine doses received from the State of Wisconsin has steadily increased each week. We just received word that we will receive 1,000 doses of vaccine next week, which is the highest weekly amount we have received so far. So the good news is with supply increasing, we are able to open up who we can vaccinate.

This week, we have started to call our patients over the age of 50 who also have one or more chronic conditions to schedule a vaccine appointment. We are also working with some local employers to coordinate vaccines for their essential workers. If you work for one of these companies, you will be given scheduling instructions from your HR department.

Over the past few weeks, we have reached out to all of our patients over 65 to offer the vaccine and are starting to work back through the list. We want to make sure everybody over 65 has been offered the vaccine. Many have received the vaccine elsewhere, and that is not a problem. Just let us know, and we will record in it your chart. If you are over 65, an educator or healthcare worker, and either live in the Hudson area or a patient of Hudson Physicians, please give us a call at 715-531-6800, and we will prioritize to get you scheduled for a vaccine.

Patients 50-65 who have one or more chronic conditions will contact you over the next few weeks to get you scheduled.

With the supply continuing to increase, we expect by April 12th that we will be scheduling all patients with chronic conditions regardless of age and open to all patients by the end of April.

A special thanks to all of our patients! Often the State of Wisconsin makes various populations eligible to receive the vaccine (and these often differ from Minnesota and Federal CDC guidance). Still, the actual vaccine supply is not available yet, creating confusion and misinformation. Despite that, we have found all of our patients to be understanding and easy to work with as we deal with these issues allowing us to focus on getting the supply of vaccine we do have into patient's arms. Your patience and understanding are appreciated!

COVID-19 Vaccine Update: 2.3.2021

January 18, 2021

We have disappointing news to share. We were notified that we would not be getting any vaccine over the next two weeks to administer first doses to our patients 75 years or older. We are getting just enough doses to cover those who need the second shot. This required us to reach out and start rescheduling patients and will delay when we expect to begin vaccinating other age groups. The State of Wisconsin said they received 4 times the amount of requests for vaccines from providers as they had supplies. We were expecting a reduced amount, not zero.

We are still prioritizing the list by age, starting with those 85 years and older, then 80 years and older, and so on. We have 4,000 patients over the age of 75.

To date, we have vaccinated 1,469 patients.

Our revised timeline moving forward given the supply issues is as follows:

Happening this week – Second doses only for patients 75 and older, healthcare workers, police, and fire personnel - New vaccinations are not currently being scheduled.

Feb 22 – Age 70 and older

March 8 – Age 65 and older

Mid to late March - Educators and other essential workers

How you can help?

We will call you, so no need to call us. We will be calling patients to schedule their COVID vaccine appointment. This helps us keep the phone lines open for patients in need of other healthcare services.

COVID vaccines are by appointment only. At this time, we cannot accommodate walk-ins as we have a limited supply and a specific timeline to manage the second dose of the vaccine for those previously vaccinated.

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