Complementary and comprehensive hearing assessments for adults.

Hudson Physicians provides complementary and comprehensive hearing assessments for adults. If you are 55+, we will do an initial screening during your regularly scheduled appointment to determine if further testing and evaluations are necessary. If you’d like to schedule an appointment with our audiologist, call 715-531-6800.

Hearing Tests:

  • Otoscopy
  • Pure Tone Measures
  • Speech Testing
  • Tympanometry

Hearing Services:

  • Hearing Aid Sales and Service (we have a variety of manufacturers to choice from)
  • Tinnitus Relief Options
  • Assistive Listening Devices
  • Custom Hearing Protection

Are you concerned about your ability to hear sounds or understand what people are saying?

Studies have found an increased rate of brain atrophy in people with impaired hearing compared with those who had normal hearing. Research has also linked hearing loss to “deep episodes of stress, depression and bad mood,” as well as an increase in the risk of falls. For more information, click on the articles below or call us at 715-531-6800 to schedule a complimentary appointment.