Enjoy conversations again

Feel confident

Bring relationships back to life

Do you constantly say “what” all the time?

Are you concerned about your ability to hear sounds or understand what people are saying?
We want you to feel good and make hearing easier, so you can stop struggling.

Research has linked hearing loss to:

  • Deep episodes of stress
  • Depression
  • Bad mood
  • Increased risk of falls

Meet our Audiology provider

Hudson Physicians provides complimentary and comprehensive hearing assessments for adults.

If you are 55+, we will do an initial screening during your regularly scheduled appointment to determine if further testing and evaluations are necessary. If you’d like to schedule a separate appointment with our audiologist, call 715-531-6800 for more information and to set up a time.

Are you tired of your symptoms?

If you recognize more than a few of these symptoms, chances are, you may have some degree of hearing loss.

Not hearing
the conversations

People asking you
to turn things down

Saying “What?”

Avoiding noisy

Family being

what people say



Feeling like you
are missing out

Top reasons you might not be wearing your hearing aids.

If you are not wearing your hearing aids due to any of these reasons, schedule an appointment with an audiologist today.

  • Poor fit
  • Technology issues
  • No longer effective
  • Lack of confidence
  • Uncomfortable
  • Not used to them

Wearing your hearing aids every day helps you become more familiar with the way they work and reacquaint your brain to sounds it hasn’t been hearing. This can be the missing link for your improved quality of life. An audiologist can help you determine what issues might be holding you back from wearing your hearing aids and offer some solutions.

Hearing tests:

  • Otoscopy
  • Pure Tone Measures
  • Speech Testing
  • Tympanometry

Hearing services:

  • Hearing aid evaluations and recommendations
  • Variety of manufacturers to choose from
  • Assistive listening devices
  • Follow-up care
  • Hearing aid fittings, servicing and repairs
  • Tinnitus relief options
  • Custom hearing protection

3 steps to hearing life to the fullest.
A comprehensive hearing evaluation consists of:

Case History

A 90-minute case history appointment is the first step.


Discuss everyday life when it comes to daily communication.

Hearing Test

Take a 20-minute hearing test.



Let’s discuss your options.

After the three stops above, we’ll discuss your results and any treatment options. Due to all of the information given it is often helpful to have a loved one attend the appointment with you.

Hearing loss tips for better communication

If you are living with hearing loss, conversations can sometimes be challenging. Often times a few small lifestyle changes can help.

Turn off
background noises

information back

eye contact

Find a
quiet place

Tell others
what you need

Use a few
alternatives to “what”

Hearing Loss & Early Prevention Podcast

Audiology provider, Kirsten Daniels, AuD is featured in this podcast about health and your hearing. She discusses hearing loss & early prevention. She primarily works with adults and will also let you know what a comprehensive evaluation entails. Read Transcribed Podcast

Hearing aids are not one-size fits all.

It is very important that there is open communication so the best solution to the hearing loss can be accomplished.