We’re here with many specialty services your family needs to stay healthy. Because we’re independent, we can personalize your care. No matter your stage in life, we have a specialist who will always keep your needs in mind. Having all these great services in one place, close to home, is a better way to be treated.

Hudson Physicians is not currently accepting new chronic pain patients.  We will, however, be happy to assist you with all of your other healthcare needs and refer you to pain specialists if needed.


Hudson Physicians provides complimentary and comprehensive hearing assessments for adults. If you are 55+, we will do an initial screening during your regularly scheduled appointment to determine if further testing and evaluations are necessary. If you’d like to schedule a…

Care Coordinator

Managing a health condition can seem complicated and overwhelming. Our care coordinators are on your side and here to help you navigate your health care journey.

Cosmetic Services

Enhance your natural beauty with our cosmetic services. Our board-certified physicians offer treatments including Botox, Restylane and Juvederm.

Diabetes Specialist

Your provider may refer you to our diabetes specialist when you are diagnosed or when changes in your diabetes occurs. Our diabetes educator is a member of your healthcare team along with your provider and other support services. Hudson Physicians…

Family Medicine

Our family physicians are specialists in preventive care for all ages. We believe that preventing a health problem is better than having to overcome one.

General Surgery

General Surgery focuses on abdominal organs. Our general surgeons specialize in minimally invasive techniques to make sure you get better faster.


We’re here to help keep you healthy. Staying up-to-date with your immunizations is a good start. We’ll work with your schedule to keep things convenient.

Nutrition & Wellness

Our nutrition specialists will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle. We’ll work with you to devise a realistic plan that fits your needs.


OB-GYN Family Medicine with Obstetrics (FMOB)

Occupational Medicine

We offer the services your company needs to maintain a healthy and safe workforce including: drug and alcohol testing, replacement, DOT and FAA exams.


When your child is sick, we’ll do anything we can to help them feel better. We are devoted to keeping children of all ages happy and healthy.

Personal Lab Services

Take control of your health and lower costs on common lab tests and screenings through our Personal Lab Services with Direct Access Testing (DAT).


Podiatry focuses on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of medical conditions related to the feet and lower legs. Get to the bottom of your foot issues Do you feel exhausted in the morning because your feet and lower legs kept you…

Preventive Care

Thank you for choosing Hudson Physicians for your healthcare needs. If today’s appointment is scheduled as a preventive visit for either a well-child check or a routine physical please note the following information. The purpose of the visit is to…

Quick Care Clinic

If you can’t get to your regular provider, our Quick Care clinic is the perfect solution. We offer fast, convenient and affordable non-urgent medical services.

Sleep & CPAP Services

At Hudson Physicians we know that not getting a good night’s sleep can be emotionally and physically draining. Over time, this can take a toll on your career, relationships and overall health. Maybe you snore, wake frequently, or can’t identify…

Specialty Consulting Services

Should you need treatment from a specialist, your primary care provider can give you a referral to someone right here at Hudson Physicians.

Sports Medicine

Whether you’re experiencing a new injury or struggle with a chronic problem, we are here to offer world-class specialty care for musculoskeletal conditions.

Urgent Care in Hudson, WI

Urgent Care helps fill a gap + If you are sick or injured and can’t wait for an appointment + When something needs to be addressed quickly but isn’t life-threatening Urgent Care can be more efficient Typically wait times are…

Women’s Health

We provide exceptional personalized care to women by understanding their unique needs and knowing them as a person – through all life stages.

Worker’s Compensation

If you’ve been injured at work, our specialists will provide you with the highest level of care to get you back on the job.