Working through it together

We’re here to help you navigate your health care journey. Managing a health condition can seem complicated and overwhelming. Our care coordinators are on your side to help you understand and easily navigate your choices at no additional cost.

How can a care coordinator help?

A care coordinator specializes in helping you and your family manage chronic disease by keeping in close contact with your health care team. They provide education and help you and your provider recognize when a change in treatment may be necessary for good health and well-being.

Your coordinator will help as much or as little as you’d like, and their services are available at no additional cost. They can also assist in finding information and community resources regarding specific problems.

What will my care coordinator do?

  • Review your health history with your provider to ensure you receive the services, treatments and care you need
  • Facilitate communication between you, your family and your health care team
  • Help you understand and work with insurers and other payers on billing questions
  • Assist with concerns or challenges you or your family may face
  • Research resources such as nursing facilities and adult or home care

To speak with a Hudson Physicians Care Coordinator, please call us at 715-531-6800.

Together, we can work through any needs or concerns you may have on your path to health and wellness.