Worker’s Compensation

Keeping your workforce working is our goal. We provide testing and training to make sure your employees are qualified and safe. Should an industrial work-related injury, illness or problem occur, we’ll treat and care for each individual so they can get back to work as quickly as possible.

As a Board Certified Occupational Medicine Physician, Dr. Sean Flood has over 25 years of experience in work injury care and case management. The advantage of using an Occupational Medicine specialist results in clear, direct communication between the company, physician, the injured worker, and the worker’s compensation insurer.

Hudson Physicians offers:

  • Written return-to-work recommendations available after each visit outlining any work restrictions
  • Timely coordination, follow-up, and partnership with appropriate providers and specialists to ensure workers receive comprehensive and efficient care
  • Site visits by Dr. Flood to understand the work environment of your company and help with reducing workplace injuries

Meet our Occupational Medicine provider:

Sean Flood