April 28, COVID-19 & Community Outreach

Novermber | Season 3 | Special Edition
COVID-19 update with CEO, Matt BrandtDr. Ryan McFarland and City of Hudson, District 2 Alderperson, Bill Alms.

dr. stephen harrold

A Glance Inside New Richmond Medical Center With Dr. Harrold

February | Season 3 | Episode 24
Get the inside scoop on what to expect from the Open House event this February 2nd with Medical Director of New Richmond Medical Center, Dr. Stephen Harrold. Read Transcript

cancer care

Cancer Care and New Treatment Options With Oncologist Timothy Toonen

January | Season 3 | Episode 23
Join us as Dr. Timothy Toonen of Minnesota Oncology shares his expertise and knowledge about cancer care. Read Transcript

hudson medical center

The Hudson Medical Center Opens Its Doors to the Hudson Community

December | Season 3 | Episode 22
Join us as CEO Matt Brandt reveals Hudson Medical Center’s upcoming public open house on January 12, 2023. Read Transcript

foot care and podiatry

Foot Care 101: Understanding Podiatry with Dr. Nyquist

November | Season 3 | Episode 21
Listen as Doctor of Podiatric Medicine Allie Nyquist sits with our host to discuss foot health and care. Read Transcript

living with diabetes

Living with Diabetes: Tips for Optimal Health with Sara Harris

October 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 20
In this latest episode, Sara Harris shares her tips and insights on living with diabetes while being in control. Read Transcript

hudson imaging

A Glimpse Into Hudson Imaging and the World of Radiology With Dr. David Wicklund

September 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 19
This episode gives a sneak peek into Hudson Imaging and what they've got in store for the Hudson community in 2023. Read Transcript

Preventive Care

A Look Into Preventive Care, Obesity, and Medical Marijuana With Dr. Stephen Harrold

August 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 18
This episode delves deeper into routine patient visits and preventive care. Read Transcript

New Hudson's Anticipated Ambulatory Surgery Center

June 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 17
Hudson Medical Center: A Look at the New Hudson's Anticipated Ambulatory Surgery Center. Read Transcript

Helpful Headaches Tips with Dr. D'Souza

April 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 16
How Serious Is Your Headache? Knowing the Difference Between Simple and Complex Headaches With Dr. D’Souza. Read Transcript

Managing Sports Concussion with Dr. Likness

March 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 15
In this episode, host Pete Waggoner interviews Dr. Lincoln Likness, the pioneer of Hudson Physicians' sports concussion program.


March 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 14
Concrete Evidence: The Sturdy Construction of the Hudson Medical Center

New Richmond Medical Center

New Richmond Medical Center

February 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 13
Today, Hudson Physicians CEO, Matt Brandt sits with the host, Pete Waggoner, to share the exciting news about Hudson Physician's latest expansion to New Richmond, Wisconsin. Learn more about the New Richmond Medical Center.

Twin Cities Orthopedics

February 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 12
Discover how the new Twin Cities Orthopedics location in the Hudson Medical Center can help the community get a leg up on their musculoskeletal health. Podcast with Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Andrew C. Ockuly, D.O.

Associated Eye Care

January 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 11
Hudson Medical Center welcomes a new tenant. Today's podcast with Dr. Schwartz, of Associated Eye Care, discusses how their move will positively affect Western Wisconsin and what is new in eye care.

Foot Health & Podiatry

January 2022 | Season 3 | Episode 10
In today’s podcast with podiatrist, Melanie Berg, she discusses misconceptions about foot care, how stretching plays a part in your foot health, and warning signs you can look for.

Using Technology to Streamline Healthcare Design

December 2021 | Season 2 | Episode 9
Virtual Reality (VR) is often thought of for playing video games, but the team at Hudson Physicians, in association with Cresa, decided to use it to reduce problems, timeline, and cost, as it relates to the new construction of the Hudson Medical Center.

Hearing Loss & Early Prevention

December 2021 | Season 2 | Episode 8
Meet our Audiology provider, Kirsten Daniels, AuD in today’s podcast about health and your hearing. She discusses hearing loss & early prevention. She primarily works with adults and will also let you know what a comprehensive evaluation entails. Read Transcript.

Hudson Medical Center, Opening January 2023

November 2021 | Season 2 | Episode 7
CEO Matt Brandt discusses how Hudson Physicians is expanding to serve our community better. Hudson Physicians is building a 3-story multi-tenant facility, Hudson Medical Center, with medical offices and outpatient services.

Picking the Appropriate Therapist for your Child

September 2021 | Season 2 | Episode 6
Children have ongoing changes based on their age and development. Here are some things to consider when reaching out for your child regarding mental health services. Dr. Delahunty, Dr. Concepcion, and Lauren Knapp


Returning to the Classroom

Aug 9 | Season 2 | Episode 5
Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp discuss going back to school and feelings you and your kids may be having. What you can expect, things you can do, and what signals you can look for in kids at different ages.

michael schneider

More than Vericose Veins

July 27 | Season 2 | Episode 4
Dr. Schneider discusses when veins have trouble sending blood from your limbs back to the heart, which is known as venous insufficiency. Listen to the podcast to learn about signs and symptoms to look for, as well as treatment options.


Electronics - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

June 25 | Season 2 | Episode 3
Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp discuss the effects electronics have in the cognitive, emotional, and social development of our children, as well as the best parenting approaches regarding this issue.


Anxiety in Childhood

May 25 | Season 2 | Episode 2
Dr. Delahunty, Dr. Concepcion, and Lauren Knapp discuss anxiety in childhood and the best approaches and treatment options to deal with this mental health condition.


Behavioral & Mental Health Program Introduction

April 8 | Season 2 | Episode 1
Dr. Delahunty, Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp discuss our new Behavioral and Mental Health Program and what you can expect.

Colon Cancer

July 3 | Season 1 | Episode 4
Dr. Druffner discusses symptoms, screening methods, treatment, surgery, and genetic risk relating to colon cancer. Dr. Ade specializes in GI services.

Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Support

March 13 | Season 1 | Episode 3
Dr. Barnum discusses incontinence. Tune in if you've ever been afraid to cough, exercise, or laugh due to urinary leakage.

Heart Health & Cardiovascular Disease

February 28 | Season 1 | Episode 2
Dr. Young will discuss Heart Health & Cardiovascular Disease.

Hudson Physicians in 2020

February 14 | Season 1 | Episode 1
The CEO, Matt Brandt, discusses what you can expect from Hudson Physicians in 2020 as well as Urgent Care and expanded hours.