Hudson Medical Center, Opening January 2023

November 2021 | Season 2 | Episode 7
CEO Matt Brandt discusses how Hudson Physicians is expanding to serve our community better. Hudson Physicians is building a 3-story multi-tenant facility, Hudson Medical Center, with medical offices and outpatient services.

Picking the Appropriate Therapist for your Child

September 2021 | Season 2 | Episode 6
Children have ongoing changes based on their age and development. Here are some things to consider when reaching out for your child regarding mental health services. Dr. Delahunty, Dr. Concepcion, and Lauren Knapp


Returning to the Classroom

Aug 9 | Season 2 | Episode 5
Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp discuss going back to school and feelings you and your kids may be having. What you can expect, things you can do, and what signals you can look for in kids at different ages.

michael schneider

More than Vericose Veins

July 27 | Season 2 | Episode 4
Dr. Schneider discusses when veins have trouble sending blood from your limbs back to the heart, which is known as venous insufficiency. Listen to the podcast to learn about signs and symptoms to look for, as well as treatment options.


Electronics - The Good, The Bad, The Ugly

June 25 | Season 2 | Episode 3
Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp discuss the effects electronics have in the cognitive, emotional, and social development of our children, as well as the best parenting approaches regarding this issue.


Anxiety in Childhood

May 25 | Season 2 | Episode 2
Dr. Delahunty, Dr. Concepcion, and Lauren Knapp discuss anxiety in childhood and the best approaches and treatment options to deal with this mental health condition.


Behavioral & Mental Health Program Introduction

April 8 | Season 2 | Episode 1
Dr. Delahunty, Dr. Concepcion and Lauren Knapp discuss our new Behavioral and Mental Health Program and what you can expect.


Colon Cancer

July 3 | Season 1 | Episode 4
Dr. Druffner discusses symptoms, screening methods, treatment, surgery, and genetic risk relating to colon cancer. Dr. Ade specializes in GI services.


Incontinence and Pelvic Floor Support

March 13 | Season 1 | Episode 3
Dr. Barnum discusses incontinence. Tune in if you've ever been afraid to cough, exercise, or laugh due to urinary leakage.

Gregory Young

Heart Health & Cardiovascular Disease

February 28 | Season 1 | Episode 2
Dr. Young will discuss Heart Health & Cardiovascular Disease.

Hudson Physicians in 2020

February 14 | Season 1 | Episode 1
The CEO, Matt Brandt, discusses what you can expect from Hudson Physicians in 2020 as well as Urgent Care and expanded hours.

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