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Privacy Policy

Hudson Physicians uses email addresses for the purpose of sending the Hudson Physicians wellness e-newsletter to individuals signed up on the e-newsletter list. Hudson Physicians does not sell or rent customer names or other private account information to third parties.

A Better Way To Be Treated

Hudson Physicians operates differently from most health care practitioners. Our personalized approach to care connects us to our patients and builds relationships that last a lifetime. The decades of expertise on our staff ensures an unparalleled level of care for the people and communities we serve. And our independence allows us to be both better supporters of our patients and better innovators in the medical field. All together, Hudson Physicians offers a better way to be treated.

Hudson Physicians offers services across a wide range of fields, from pediatrics to geriatrics, from family medicine to sports-specific treatment, and from general surgery to cosmetic services, provided by a staff of experienced doctors, nurses, and other health care professionals. We're proud to serve western Wisconsin and eastern Minnesota through its locations in Hudson, WI and Baldwin, WI.

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