Angela Brandes MD

"I love helping people at every stage of life…From infancy to old age, family medicine has given me the opportunity to care for anyone in the community, and every day is different in my job–which I love!"

Dr. Brandes fulfills her childhood dream of becoming a doctor by caring for people of different backgrounds and age groups. Now, she joins the Hudson Physicians team in New Richmond to share her passion and expertise in a community that lets her get closer to every patient she works with.

Angela Brandes, MD, acquired her board certification from the American Board of Family Medicine in 2009. She graduated from Bethel University and spent the next few years at the University of Minnesota to pursue a career in medicine. She finished her residency at the Mayo Clinic Health System in La Crosse and has been practicing for many years.

Besides her natural gift and competency in Science and Math, Dr. Brandes is driven by her passion for people. Even as a little girl, she had always dreamt of becoming a doctor because of her fascination with medicine, which let her meld her aptitude and interests while helping the community.

Outside the clinic, Dr. Brandes is an outgoing friend who enjoys playing games and spending time with the people she cares about. She’s also a massive Minnesota sports fan and zealous when it comes to cheering them on. She’s a fun-loving soul who satiates her hunger for excitement and adventure through traveling–in fact, she’s been to five continents already.

“Laughter is the best medicine, right?! Find things you love to do and do them with the people you love.” Dr. Brandes believes in the power of happiness, meaningful connections, mindfulness, and effort in maintaining optimal health. She advises people to “make small, sustainable lifestyle changes” and incorporate staying active into their daily routines.

Angela Brandes, MD, chooses the Hudson Physicians team because of her desire to be part of a physician-led practice that puts the people at its topmost priority. She’s excited to work in a community where she can get to know her patients as she provides exceptional care.

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