Janette Concepcion Ph.D., LP

"My goal is to partner with medical staff to provide exceptional mental health care to children, teens, and families so that they can function their best in their community."

Childhood has increasingly complex obstacles to overcome. Dr. Concepcion helps people navigate and reach the point of being fulfilled and ready to make a positive mark on their world.

Dr. Concepcion has always been interested in helping people understand themselves. She chose to enter the field of clinical psychology to professionally evaluate and treat the mental health conditions of children of all ages.

Dr. Concepcion has been a licensed psychologist since 1991, with dual licensure in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She has worked in various states and mental health settings.

Dr. Concepcion admires how the staff at Hudson Physicians works together for truly comprehensive care. She joined Hudson Physicians because of that and how they include mental health as part of patients' well-being. "My goal is to partner with medical staff to provide exceptional mental health care to help children, teens, and families, so they function their best in their community," she stated.

She specializes in mental health diagnosis and treatment, especially in children, teenagers, and young adults. She has 30 years of experience with all kinds of minds and strives to help people get the diagnosis and support they need. Diagnosis can include autism spectrum disorder, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and a variety of other developmental mental health conditions.

Success Story from Dr. Concepcion
“A patient who I was able to successfully diagnose in kindergarten with high-functioning Autism Spectrum Disorder who used to have what he called "volcanoes" in my office and daily at home and at school. After providing treatment to him as-needed with tune-ups over middle school and adolescence, he is now entering graduate school in a profession he is passionate about. He chuckles when telling me how he appreciates his brain now, and how far he has come since those "volcanoes" as a child.”

She has a variety of creative tools at her disposal — everything from fidget toys to scented markers. In her experience, these tools help children engage, feel comfortable, and make treatment more effective.

When she's not in the office, you can usually find her exploring new hiking trails, playing pickleball, or baking bread. Her favorite ways to maintain her mental health include making time to keep in touch with her friends and keeping track of her physical health.

She says, "I try to be aware of where my stress level is daily, and regularly practice one of the activities that I teach my patients, like how to 'think differently about it."

Dr. Concepcion primarily serves as a consultant to the Behavioral and Mental Health Program, and works closely with Lauren Knapp, PA-C in provision of patient care.



Clinical Psychology Doctoral Program

Kent State University


Kent State University


1991 Clinical Psychology