Joe Dietzler MD

"When I was young, my doctor helped me get back in the game from a sports injury, and I knew then, that I wanted to do the same."

Dr. Dietzler is no stranger to Wisconsin. He grew up nearby, in the beautiful town of Ellsworth. Dr. Dietzler started his in-depth medical training at the esteemed University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he was proudly certified by the American Board of Family Medicine in 2007.

He chose to practice family medicine because he believes that family medicine is a constant community need. He absolutely loves the variety of people he is able to help. He also truly values the fact that he has the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with his patients. And even though his specialty is family medicine, his special medical interests also include sports medicine.

One of his favorite patient success stories involves a man who was experiencing back pain and was not responding to typical therapy. Upon further investigation and testing, Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma was discovered. The patient was then able to be successfully treated, he is now doing very well, and Dr. Dietzler now cares for his whole family.

Another of his favorite patient success stories includes a gentleman who had abdominal symptoms. Dr. Dietzler was able to identify the early signs of pancreatic cancer and surgically treat the patient. To this day, the patient credits Dr. Dietzler with saving his life. Dr. Dietzler is extremely honored to have been able to have such a profound impact on his patients’ lives.

Dr. Dietzler chose to work with our wonderful team simply because our group is physician-owned and led, and he feels that it is extremely important for medical practices to be independent. With his experience and knowledge, we know that he will be an amazing asset to our team!

Dr. Dietzler’s personal advice on being healthy is simple: keep your body moving. Find an exercise or activity that you enjoy, and do it. This may change as you get older, and you may need to adjust your activities to your physical abilities. But he believes that staying active is a major key to having a healthy life. He really advocates joining group exercise classes, because you tend to develop accountability with others.

When he’s not spending his time helping his patients, he enjoys traveling. He also has a passion for reading, and likes to play a good round of golf. He relaxes by listening to music and regularly attends church. His favorite sports teams are the University of Wisconsin Badgers and the Wisconsin Packers NFL team. A unique fact about Dr. Dietzler is that he also used to play the trumpet and even lead trumpet in the State Honors Jazz Band. He also played with the University of Wisconsin Marching Band for the 1994 Rose Bowl.

He is currently working in Hudson at Hudson Physicians’ New Richmond and looks forward to serving the New Richmond community in early 2023, when the New Richmond Medical Center opens.


University of Wisconsin - Eau Claire

Medical School

University of Wisconsin - Madison


University of Wisconsin - Madison

Board Certification

American Board of Family Medicine in 2007

Where you'll find Joe Dietzler

New Richmond

525 N Knowles Avenue
New Richmond, WI 54017
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