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Kelly Delahunty MD

"I find Pediatrics to be deeply meaningful and fulfilling. Watching children grow through stages of development offers many opportunities to engage with families and help navigate challenges."

Dr. Kelly Delahunty provides acute and chronic illness management as well as day-to-day assistance in the care of children. Through education, she considers it a wonderful opportunity to help parents raise nutritionally, physically and emotionally healthy children, and to lay a solid foundation for adult wellness.

She stresses the importance of limited screen time for kids, and recommends waiting until they’re in 8th grade before giving children smartphones. Many experts, from child psychologists to technology executives, agree that it’s best to wait until at least age 14 before exposing children to smartphones. She cites the website Wait Until 8th for evidence on how smartphones impair sleep, interfere with relationships, increase the risk of anxiety, and put children at risk for bullying, among other things.

Dr. Delahunty enjoys all of the necessary chores at home and in the yard as a great opportunity for activity. The stretching, bending, lifting and aerobic activity involved in all kinds of chores is a terrific way to stay fit.“ I am also much more intentional about appreciating the outdoors, the environment and the repeating cycles throughout nature, i.e. moon cycles, plant cycles, etc.”

When she is not working at Hudson Physicians or doing housework at home, she enjoys spending time with her husband and family. Her hobbies include cooking, knitting, reading, jewelry-making and gardening.

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University of Minnesota, Pediatric Residency Program

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University of Wisconsin - River Falls

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