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Travis Greiman MD

"The connection and impact I have with others are why I love what I do."

Dr. Travis Greiman knew that he wanted to find a way to connect with others and make a difference with like-minded people in his community. Greiman ultimately discovered his passion for Family Medicine, which allowed him to offer a broad spectrum of care and provide various services for all of his patients.

Dr. Greiman's drive to join the medical field came from being fascinated with the complex nature of biology and how you could make a lasting impact on others through science. Even more than the medical aspect, Dr. Greiman takes pride in the connection he has with his patients and how these connections can lead to a happier and healthier life.

He treats all of his patients like family and understands the importance of listening to his patients to provide the best care. He still remembers a counseling session that a patient took to heart. He took Dr. Greiman's advice and made drastic changes to his health, leading to over 40 lb weight loss and better quality of life. He credits Dr. Greiman's advice helping make those critical, life-saving changes.

Dr. Greiman focuses on health with a holistic approach and focuses on diet, sleep, and stress relief. He understands that finding a balance between these things can be challenging, but he works with all of his patients to find ways, small and large, to improve their health.

When Dr. Greiman isn't focused on his patient's health, he's focused on his biking to work every day. He loves the mountains and backpacking and anything else that gets him outdoors. His family enjoys learning about new cultures and visiting historical sites around the world. He is also a dedicated husband and father of three children who also enjoy the outdoors with him.


St. Cloud Hospital Family Medicine Residency

Medical School

University of North Dakota School of Medicine and Health


University of Wisconsin, River Falls

Board Certification

Family Medicine

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2651 Hillcrest Drive, Hudson, WI 54016
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