Staying Fit & Healthy with Hudson Physicians' Self-Paced Challenges - Transcribed

[00:00:00] Pete Waggoner: Welcome to the optimal health podcast from Hudson physicians, getting you back to optimal health. When you're feeling sick, stressed, overwhelmed, or run down. Hello, again, everybody. I'm Pete Wagner and I'd like to thank every one of you for taking the time to log in and listen to the optimal health podcast.

[00:00:20] As you know, each month we have a guest from or related to Hudson physicians to cover every aspect of health and your steps to an optimal, healthy life. As a group of talented physicians, they do provide us with a lot of meaningful insight to help us all be better and in so many different ways. But this episode is going to be a bit D.

[00:00:40] Hudson physicians wanted me to take some time to let you all know the benefits of doing a five to seven day health challenge. These challenges are something we've been doing for the past years to help you achieve your goals. And in this case, I'd like to take some time to tell you about the benefits of the two different types of challenges.

[00:00:56] You can be a part of first there's the quarterly health challenges that are [00:01:00] done at a specific date and time. And then the second is the new self-paced challenges. Along the way the personal challenges were created by Hudson physicians to introduce us to needed lifestyle changes that maybe we weren't motivated to do on our own, or had the incentive related to it, to push us and keep us on the right path to wellness.

[00:01:19] So in doing so there was an incentive program through Facebook for each challenge, and it required interaction this time around the incentive exists, but it's defined as self. The team at Hudson physicians is not requiring Facebook interaction for your chance to win this time around instead, you'll simply log in on the challenge page and you're automatically in the drawing and entered to win.

[00:01:43] I think it's great because we've gotten a chance now to give it a go with some help. And now the lens is turned back to us with the idea to urge us to work for ourselves, and more importantly, on our own time and with our own schedule, although not using that as an excuse, which we know can very much [00:02:00] so trickle in there.

[00:02:00] It does for me, for sure. There are plenty of benefits to the challenges. And what we do know about them is that you're stronger and more capable than maybe you give yourself credit for. We also tend to doubt ourselves at some point and see, I just can't do this. I'm too busy. I'm tired. I have kids to run around with work is really taking a lot of my head space right now, but really tomorrow isn't guaranteed.

[00:02:23] Right. And taking time for ourselves allows us to be able to be so much better than we ever imagined in all aspects of life. When you're in the midst of doing the challenges, it tends to cultivate gratitude and compassion. It also clarifies what you truly want in. I think this is the most important part of taking part in these challenges is that it sharpens our grit.

[00:02:45] I think everyone wants to be a little grittier in life and it's huge, uh, a component in overcoming our life barriers. And that's a coach of, of many sports teams. Having a gritty team has been much more of a compliment to me than having a skilled team. And [00:03:00] I think. You know, I think it just really makes sense.

[00:03:03] The greater you are in life. The more you can take on the challenges, because nothing's easy. We know that. And uh, if we have that extra piece to the puzzle that we maybe learn from these challenges, it makes getting through things and overcoming things that much better. It's an incredible benefit. To taking part in these challenges.

[00:03:24] So what's kind of been going on with these. If you're new to this Hudson physicians has been running challenges for two years now, and they've been, uh, ranging from walking and wellness to women's health six day challenge to the five day new year challenge. The seven day health challenge, the anti-stress challenge and healthy habits, five day challenge, uh, as all part of the process.

[00:03:45] The overall participation in the program has been impressive and we know the benefits are great. Um, one of the examples was in our podcast with Dr. Jacqueline Desus know, this is the type of podcast content that you receive in the challenge, and it's loaded with information. [00:04:00] There's so many things that, you know, you can do and, and learn from these such as in particular, the one we covered with Dr.

[00:04:06] Desus was about simple, the complex headaches, why we're getting them when to be concerned and when to see your doctor. But in the end with the various things that we spoke of that came about with headaches, the root message was to listen to your body and have an open line of communication with your medical professional or even yourself.

[00:04:26] And if you can't communicate what it is that you're feeling, it's gonna be really difficult for them to pinpoint. Always what the issue is, you know, other parts that benefit the community as a whole with these challenges. And this is one of the things that I really like is how it brings the community together while providing, supporting ideas through that.

[00:04:47] We don't feel alone in our challenges. We're all doing this. We understand that others are on the same boat as we are, which brings us back to that compassion part of the benefits challenge, because now we can say, you know what? I know [00:05:00] exactly where you're at. I was there and vice versa. It's how we just lean on each other as a group.

[00:05:05] Uh, it'd be, you know, in the past you'd be watching for challenges every quarter from Hudson physic. But now, uh, there's a page on the website that houses all of the challenges, and then you now can attack them at your own time on your own. Absolutely do these challenges multiple times, and it's a great way to get better at each one of them.

[00:05:25] If you've done them previously over the past couple of years, really a good idea to revisit and get engaged and get involved with it. If you're new to the process, welcome a board. I think it's awesome that we continue to grow this process. Then we, as a community can become just so much healthier. I mentioned the prizes for the self guy that challenges a while ago.

[00:05:46] Each month, one person who joined a challenge will win a $25 gas card gift certificate from QuickTrip in a random drawing. This is different from the regular challenges that have drawings each day that are typically, [00:06:00] uh, allotted for chamber bucks or culminates to grand prize drawing on the final day.

[00:06:04] So it's a little bit different. Uh, there's a lot of engagement here for the gift cards. We're looking very forward to that each month. Be watching out for that. We look forward to your participation and if you're new to the challenges or returning for another round, the team at Hudson physicians has all the support you need in this fun and unique way to bring you back to optimal health as always.

[00:06:24] Thank you for listening. We wish you the best of luck and have a wonderful day for the optimal health podcast. I'm Pete Wagner so long everybody.