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July 26, 2018 | Happenings, Health Advice

Surviving Summer

Surviving Summer: How To Handle The Warm Weather Ailments

For many of us, summer is an adventurous time of year. It’s when we go camping, visit the lake, hike through the woods, and get the most out of our favorite outdoor activities. The summer months are a great time for many activities, but they can bring their own share of disturbances too. To get the most out of your summer, here are a few tips on avoiding and treating some of the season’s most common health hazards.

1. Sunburn

Prevent: Sunburns are one of the most common summer related afflictions. If you’re going to be spending time out in the sun, it is usually a good idea to apply sunscreen 30 minutes prior to exposure.. When selecting a sunscreen, look for one with broad-spectrum protection and SPF 30 or above.
Treat: If you find yourself with a sunburn, be sure to drink lots of fluids, avoid further sun exposure, and apply aloe.

2. Dehydration

Prevent: The summer heat can also contribute to draining your body’s fluids, especially by perspiration and not obtaining adequate fluids. Be sure to drink plenty of water if you are outside being active. Avoid alcohol, coffee, tea, and soda as all of these will actually pull more water from your body.
Treat: Water is the best solution for treating dehydration should it happen.

3. Heat Stroke

Prevent: One of the most serious health risks from extreme heat is heat stroke. Heat stroke usually occurs alongside dehydration, which is why it is best to drink water and find a cool place to rest if you start to feel symptoms of heat stroke.
Treat: Always call for medical help if heat stroke occurs. Try to stay cool and remove outer clothing until help arrives.

4. Bites And Stings

Prevent: The threat of insects are always higher during summer months. In most instances, they only cause slight pain and some annoyance, but there is also the risk of an allergic reaction or disease. Avoid perfumes and flowery scents as these can attract more bugs to you.
Treat: Follow the CDC guidelines on Insect Repellent Safety. If an allergic reaction occurs, seek medical help immediately.

At Hudson Physicians, we strive to provide quality healthcare for our community. Should you have a medical emergency, our Urgent & Quick Care are open on weekends. We hope you enjoy the rest of the summer.