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September 16, 2016 | Happenings

Healthy Competition

A self-described competitor at heart, Dr. Lincoln Likness shares his elite level of medical expertise with athletes beyond his practice at Hudson Physicians. He spends his spare time in the summer serving as volunteer Medical Director of the Goliath Challenge, Gopher to Badger Half Marathon and St. Croix Valley Triathlon. For the latter two events (in which he formerly competed) Dr. Likness organizes all the details relating to competitor safety and medical care – everything from injury care to evacuation plans – which he has done for the past seven years.

It was from the sidelines of a Gopher to Badger Half Marathon where Dr. Likness set a dramatic personal best. In his words, “The heat was high and so was humidity. We had seven heat stroke victims that we resuscitated in the medical tent.” But, as they say, “the race is never over,” which Dr. Likness soon learned. “While I was packing up to go home, a woman fell off her boat in the Hudson marina into the prop, sustaining a large thigh laceration. I rushed out to the Hudson pier and assisted the St. Croix EMS in her care.”

When fall sports begin at the prep level, he assumes the role of Team Physician at several area high schools, where he covers games from the sidelines on Friday nights and other events throughout the year. “This is what I love doing,” he explains. “I enjoy the spirit of the athletes and the energy. I live vicariously through the athletes in the events.” Dr. Likness complements his game and event coverage by frequently consulting with school administrators, coaches and athletic trainers on safety, protocol and performance.

If it seems unusual for one doctor to provide specialized care and expertise to so many different athletes and sports, it’s because it is. To borrow a sporting term, Dr. Likness is a triple threat whose unique specialty practice focuses on the three areas: Sports Medicine & Orthopedics, Spine Medicine, and Brain Injury. Dr. Likness’ self-described “one-stop shop” can mean comprehensive care for the patient, noting, “I frequently see patients that need an expert in each of the areas of my practice after injury.” By providing this broad specialty practice, Dr. Likness saves his patients from having to travel to the Mayo Clinic or a University Medical Center to receive the care they need.

In addition to his passion for competition, Dr. Likness brings all-star caliber experience to the events and games he covers, having provided event and sideline coverage for NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers, the NFL’s Cleveland Browns, MLB’s Cleveland Indians, the PGA Tour, USL-1 Soccer, the US Figure Skating Championships and PBR – Professional Bull Riders – where Dr. Likness relocated five joint dislocations in 90 minutes – another personal best.

Dr. Likness is quick to acknowledge Hudson Physicians in supporting his efforts, saying “it takes a progressive, independent clinic like Hudson Physicians to offer me the opportunity to provide this level of care in our community.” For his part, Dr. Likness derives great satisfaction from his practice and his volunteer work, “I like giving athletes that expert advantage,” he says, “whether it’s in their preparation, injury prevention or safe, but optimized, return to their sport following injury.”