Strategies for reducing mental health stigma in communities

Breaking the Stigma: A Journey Towards Mental Wellness

In the heart of spring, as Hudson bursts into life, our thoughts turn towards growth, renewal, and the well-being of our community. Yet, amidst this seasonal awakening, an important conversation about mental health continues to unfold. Mental health challenges, often hidden beneath the surface, impact individuals and families across all walks of life. With a […]

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Urgent Care Hudson and New Richmond WI

When Your Owie Needs Attention Nowie

Ever find yourself enjoying a beautiful day by the St. Croix River or having fun in New Richmond, only to have the moment interrupted by an unexpected twist (of an ankle) or a surprise fever? In those times, waiting days for a doctor’s appointment isn’t just impractical—it’s impossible. Enter Hudson Physicians Urgent Care With two […]

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Hudson Physicians welcomes Melissa O’Keefe

Melissa O’Keefe, PA-C

With a decade of experience in family medicine and nurturing relationships, Melissa O’Keefe, PA-C, returns to where her roots lie–ready to practice in western Wisconsin and establish connections that last beyond checkups. Melissa was born and raised in River Falls, Wisconsin. She finished her undergraduate studies at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and acquired her board […]

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Good Health Guide

Appointment Schedule & Organizer

Life is busy, no doubt about it. When schedules get overcrowded, the first thing usually neglected is ourselves and particularly our health. But not paying adequate attention to preventative screenings and health concerns isn’t going to make life any less chaotic. In fact, it will inevitably cause more stress than anything down the road. It […]

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