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April 1, 2019 | Happenings, Recognitions

Pam Stoutenburg, Certified Diabetes Educator/RN

“I chose Hudson Physicians because of the great community of physicians and supporting staff. I appreciate their excellence in their field as well as wonderful patient care.”

Pam chose to be a Certified Diabetes Educator/RN because she always had an interest in nutrition and health. As a mother of two, Pam handles various tasks on a daily basis, and she knew her skills as a mother were highly transferable to the nursing and education field.

Pam specializes in diabetes and healthy eating. Her strengths lie in listening and creating a custom plan for her clients and meeting them on whatever path they are on.

Quilting is a hobby that Pam enjoys, which stitches together art, patience, and math. She also uses these skills in her vocation to educate people on diabetes and healthy eating.

As a certified diabetes educator and registered nurse, Pam knows the importance of wellness. She enjoys walking, reading and spending time with family.

A certified diabetes educator is a health professional who has comprehensive knowledge of prediabetes, diabetes prevention, and diabetes management.

Pam works with individuals over 15 years of age throughout adulthood with type 1 and type 2 diabetes. She helps educate them about their disease and the best ways to manage their blood sugar.

She work closely with primary care providers to make recommendations for care, testing, and medication.

How can a certified diabetes educator help you?

  • By empowering you to adopt a health lifestyle and self-care
  • By training you to use various diabetes devices (blood glucose meters, insulin pens and pumps, and continuous glucose monitors)
  • By providing nutrition education to allow people with diabetes to eat “regular” foods

Pam said, “I believe people should start with small changes to build healthier eating styles that focus on variety, amount, and nutrition.”

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