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May 25, 2016 | Happenings, Patient Stories

A Baby Boy and a Relationship are Born

It started calmly enough for Abby and Scott Shaver of Baldwin, taking into account the nervousness that comes with a first-time pregnancy and delivery. They were admitted to Hudson Hospital late on a Friday night with 30-year-old Abby in the early stages of labor. Abby’s labor progressed through the night and morning, but complications arose. “I had developed a fever,” Abby recalls, “and was getting antibiotics.” Abby was understandably frightened. “It was a scary situation,” she adds, “it was my first baby.”

As it happened, Dr. Dana Dahl was on hand at Hudson Hospital, and was checking on another baby at the time. When she learned of Abby’s fever and duration of her labor, she remained at the hospital in case her assistance was needed. “Abby was having a scary birth,” Dr. Dahl says. “I was called in at the last minute to help out with her baby and immediately bonded with her. Mostly because, as a family doctor and a mom, I understood her worry.” This was approximately 24 hours after Abby’s labor began.

Looking back, Abby has the highest praise for Dr. Dahl. “She stepped in and took really great care of my son,” Abby says. “She also spoke to my husband Scott after the delivery and had a nice conversation.” Dr. Dahl had a similar recollection of Abby’s delivery. “I tried to connect with her in a confident, yet nurturing manner,” she recalls, “I think we connected and made it easier for Abby and her husband.”

Abby and Logan spent Saturday night in Hudson Hospital, before Logan was transferred to Children’s Hospital. It was at Children’s where Abby remembers the relationship with Dr. Dahl being cemented. “They asked which doctor was going to be Logan’s primary physician and we requested Dr. Dahl,” Abby says. “She took on Logan, even though her practice was closed to new patients.”

Dr. Dahl had a good reason for making an exception for Logan. “I love meeting a new family as they are just starting out,” she explains.

As you might expect, soon the Shavers had developed a strong connection to Dr. Dahl. Abby singled out Dr. Dahl’s excellent understanding of patients as key to her family’s bond with her. “She always makes you feel like you’re the only patient she has,” Abby begins. “And she always remembers your name. We feel like we’re her only patients.”

The empathy that characterizes Dr. Dahl works hand-in-hand with her communication skills. “She has great bedside manner,” Abby observes. “And she will give it to you straight – very practical. My husband loves her, too.”

After a couple days of observation, Logan was released from Children’s Hospital, much to the relief of the Shavers. Today, at two, he’s doing great, according to Abby. “He’s active, happy and likes going to the park, blowing bubbles, and playing with animals, dinosaurs and trucks. He loves coloring, stickers and Mickey Mouse.”

In contrast with his delivery, Logan’s first two years have been pretty routine, healthwise. For his occasional acute care visits, Abby doesn’t have any reservations about seeing other practitioners at Hudson Physicians. “We’ve seen Dr. Klingler (he’s really good) and the Nurse Practitioners, too,” she says. “In those situations, we don’t have a preference.”

Abby says. “Dr. Dahl really exemplifies the Hudson philosophy. She makes patients feel unique, gives better service, doesn’t set time limits. We never mind waiting for her.

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