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September 28, 2015 | Happenings, Patient Stories

Gerry Wahlberg: Spunky and Determined

Gerry and Gus Wahlberg moved to Hudson, WI in 1957 with their three children. They raised their family, made many friends in the area, and enjoyed time at their cabin, which Gus built from the ground up. In retirement, they decided to spend their winters in Arizona to get away from the cold, but always looked forward to coming back to the greenery of western Wisconsin in the spring. They were married 63 years.

Now 87, Gerry says “You don’t live life this long without a few bumps in the road.” A few years ago, Gus was diagnosed with cancer and his health deteriorated. They were not happy with the doctors they’d been seeing in Arizona, so they came back early one winter and made an appointment with Dr. Kristin Severson at Hudson Physicians. Gerry had been seeing her for many years, and she was confident that Dr. Severson would get Gus on the right path.

They saw Dr. Severson one morning around 11:00 a.m., and she found Gus’s blood pressure elevated and other areas of concern. She recognized the urgency of the situation and asked the couple “Would you mind going to the hospital today?” By 3:00 p.m. Gus was admitted and seeing a specialist that Dr. Severson recommended.

“Dr. Severson was upset about his health and the lack of care he had received, and wanted to get something going right away,” recalls Gerry. “Gus and I connected with her both personally and medically, and appreciated her follow through as well as her friendship during his treatments.”

Gus got the care he needed all the way until the end. Based on the severity of his condition, the focus was on making him as comfortable as possible. After Gus passed, Dr. Severson sent a note with her condolences, which Gerry remembers fondly. She is so grateful for the care Dr. Severson gave.

This past spring, Gerry came home from Arizona and made an appointment with Dr. Severson. She had found a lump in her breast but was afraid to tell her family since ‘Dad’ had just passed away two years ago. It was a difficult day for both patient and doctor. “We cried and laughed together…it was like going to my best friend to see what’s going on.”

Gerry did not want to have chemo after seeing what Gus had been through, but luckily the cancer was completely removed with surgery. Fully recovered now, Dr. Severson has given her the OK to head back to Arizona this fall. They chatted quite a bit at their recent appointment, and Gerry said, “I want to take you with me!” They’ve enjoyed a strong relationship over the years, and Gerry recommends Dr. Severson to all her friends.


She says everyone at Hudson Physicians is very nice and great at communicating with patients. She even likes the lab staff because they do such a good job getting the right vein each time.

Have a wonderful winter, Gerry!

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