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December 1, 2019 | Giving Back

How Hudson Physicians Gave Back in 2019

At Hudson Physicians, giving back and making a difference in our community is an integral part of our business. We are proud of our personalized approach to healthcare and our focus on developing and maintaining lasting relationships. Every day, we extend our care and expertise beyond everyday medical needs. We appreciate the support given to us by our community, and in turn, we like to “pay it forward.”

A Year Of Giving

Throughout the years, we’ve provided monetary donations to a wide range of well-deserving organizations. The organizations we support have one thing in common: they help families and individuals live their best possible lives, as we at Hudson Physicians strive to do. This year, we’ve given $18,000 to local, statewide, and national organizations that are invested in creating a better future for members of our community. Each organization works together to promote our collective well-being. In 2019, donations were gifted to the following organizations:

  • American Cancer Society
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters of Northwestern Wisconsin
  • Bridge For Youth
  • Family Means (Power Of The Purse)
  • Free Clinic, Pierce/St. Croix Counties
  • Hudson Safe (Senior Party)
  • Operation Help
  • Phipps Center for the Arts
  • St. Croix Valley SART
  • The Sharing Tree
  • Turningpoint
  • Youth Action Hudson
  • YMCA Hudson
  • YMCA St. Croix
  • River Valley Charities
  • Halos of St. Croix
  • Hudson Hospital Foundation
  • River Falls Area Hospital Foundation

Hudson Physicians Scholarship Fund

A critical component of the health of any community is its capacity to care for and educate the next generation. To that end, we’re proud to be working with the St. Croix Valley Foundation to provide financial assistance to help fund scholarships for higher education. This is a new venture for us, and we’re excited! Our donations will better enable students to afford the costs of education and to pursue careers in the medical field.

To start, we’ve donated $25,000 that will be shared among scholarship recipients in the coming year. Each recipient will be given a minimum of $1,000 to go towards furthering their education. This offer is available to local students in Pierce and St. Croix counties who are pursuing an education in the medical field. We’re honored to play a part in helping future generations enter this vital and life-changing profession. We are committed to doing everything in our power to recruit much-needed local talent to serve the greater well-being of our society.

Committed To Community Wellness

Being an independent private practice allows us to give support to organizations that improve all aspects of the lives of our communities. In the past year, we’ve donated $18,000 to local, state, and national organizations that are likewise committed to making a difference. We hope that our monetary donations will help form an even stronger bond with our community and affirm our commitment to overall health and wellness.