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June 6, 2018 | Giving Back, Happenings

How Hudson Physicians Gives Back

Paying It Forward – How Hudson Physicians Gives Back

Keeping our communities healthy and thriving goes beyond the daily, quality health care we offer. Community wellness also depends on giving back to organizations that make a positive impact on the lives of others.

Hudson Physicians continues to give back in so many ways.  Hudson Physicians provides financial support to non-profit organizations including but not limited to Hudson SAFE, YMCA, BRIDGE for Youth, Turning Point, Operation Help and American Cancer Society.

St. Croix River Dunk

In February, the chilly banks of Lakefront Beach became the outdoor setting for the first-ever St. Croix River Dunk. With nearly a dozen local teams in attendance, including our very own Hudson Physicians Community Charitable Fund, participants braved the forces of nature and raised funds to benefit local youth charity organization scholarship funds by dunking and diving into the icy waters.  Slated as a future annual event, the St. Croix River Dunk represents just one of the ways Hudson Physicians supports our local youth organizations.

Donations To The Community

Hudson Physicians continues to donate over $15,000 to local, state and national nonprofit organizations in 2018. Monetary donation support are coupled with volunteer time that contributes to many hours of expertise and skill.  These efforts serve to strengthen and renew our commitment to growing and nurturing a healthy community.

Hudson Physicians is passionate about providing health and wellness to our patients and neighbors by paying it forward and giving back. We genuinely care about wellness both in and outside our practice and look forward to future opportunities that cause our communities to continue to thrive.