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January 8, 2015 | Happenings, Recognitions

Hudson Physicians Lowest Cost in Metro

Hudson Physicians is the lowest cost clinic in the Twin Cities metro area, according to a study released by Minnesota Health Scores. They found that in 2014 the average regular patient cost was only $344 per month at Hudson Physicians – substantially less than the $425 average across Minnesota.

“We have been recognized for our quality with many awards over the years,” said Ernie Wallin, Clinic Administrator for Hudson Physicians. “To now be recognized as the lowest cost in the metro area on top of that is quite an honor. It shows our commitment to the people of the St. Croix Valley and to a better way to be treated.”

The statistics were compiled by MN Community Measurement, an independent health care research organization. Their mission is to “accelerate the improvement of health by publicly reporting health care information.” The study, performed at the end of 2014, reflects data through the last year.

The measurement is based on a new system developed by MN Community Measurement that is being copied in many other places nationwide for the purpose of bringing reliable data to consumers who need to make choices about their health care.

In separate measure of quality, the same group noted that Hudson Physicians also ranks among the top clinics in many key areas, including the treatment of children, diabetes, vascular and maternity care.

Minnesota Health Scores searchable report can be found on the web at