Angela Brandes, MD

Angela Brandes

Dr. Brandes fulfills her childhood dream of becoming a doctor by caring for people of different backgrounds and age groups. Now, she joins the Hudson Physicians team in New Richmond to share her passion and expertise in a community that lets her get closer to every patient she works with. Angela Brandes, MD, acquired her […]

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Keith Bratulich

Growing up, Dr. Bratulich was always interested in medicine. He spent 14 years as a paramedic while pursuing his medical degree. He specializes in chronic conditions, joint and soft tissue steroid injections, nail care, lesion removal and a variety of acute care cases. Chronic diseases are broadly defined as conditions lasting one year or more […]

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Dana Dahl

Dr. Dana Dahl grew up in the healthcare environment. Her dad is an orthopedic surgeon and when she was little she would go on rounds with him at the hospital on weekends. This inspired her to pursue a career in healthcare. “I loved science and math, so it was natural for me to go into […]

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Joe Dietzler

“” Dr. Dietzler is no stranger to Wisconsin. He grew up nearby, in the beautiful town of Ellsworth. Dr. Dietzler started his in-depth medical training at the esteemed University of Wisconsin – Madison, where he was proudly certified by the American Board of Family Medicine in 2007. He chose to practice family medicine because he […]

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Mark Druffner

Dr. Druffner loves taking care of patients of all ages, from infants to the elderly. He has advanced training in chronic wound care, upper endoscopy, colonoscopy as well as minor skin surgical procedures. “My typical clinic day is well-child visits, acute injuries, physicals, minor procedures, and acutely ill patients.” Outside of work, Dr. Druffner stays […]

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Dr Travis Qreiman

Travis Greiman

Dr. Travis Greiman knew that he wanted to find a way to connect with others and make a difference with like-minded people in his community. Greiman ultimately discovered his passion for Family Medicine, which allowed him to offer a broad spectrum of care and provide various services for all of his patients. Dr. Greiman’s drive […]

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