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Stay healthy on your feet

The heat is on, and summer is in full swing. Everyone is having fun in the sun, but your ankles and feet are holding you back. They are sore and achy, and their pain wakes you from your sleep at night. What’s a person to do? First thing to know is you’re not alone; seventy-five […]

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Get in, get out, and get back-to-school.

Back to school check-ups & sports physicals Being a parent of school-age children, you are no doubt familiar with all the requirements for school admission from year to year. One requirement by many middle and high schools is that of a sports physical before teens are allowed to participate in school sports. Do I have […]

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Announcing the Optimal Health Podcast

On February 14, Hudson Physicians released their debut podcast called Optimal Health. Hudson Physicians aims to get you back to optimal health when you are feeling sick, stressed, overwhelmed, or run down. You can listen to the first episode with CEO, Matt Brandt. Matt discusses what you can expect from Hudson Physicians in 2020.  A […]

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